Business Support/Turnaround

Many businesses are facing challenges which they haven’t experienced previously.  For example, businesses which have always operated within their overdraft facilities / loan agreements are finding themselves coming under pressure from their banks and investors who are also experiencing changes and challenges in their organisations.
We are frequently asked to assist businesses in these challenging periods.  Often what can seem quite a daunting request to a business from a bank, such as providing specific pieces of information about the current performance of the business, and ongoing projections, can become straightforward by working with the business & the financial institution to agree required outcomes, in achievable timescales.  By acting as mediator in this process we can assist you, the business, whilst at the same time reassuring the financial institution that their requirements will be met, enabling them to make informed decisions about the investment they have in your business.

These times do not need to be negative but can in fact create the required foundations to cement the working relationships going forward.  We pride ourselves in our ability to manage this process ensuring all parties are communicating effectively in the hope that we can reach a mutually acceptable outcome.

We are also able to support businesses requiring funding through introductions to suitable financiers, be it, one-off invoice financing or longer term investments or loans.


Change Management

All businesses go through change, and as competition in the economy increases, change for business is becoming ‘the norm’.  Change is often not embraced by everyone and can be considered negatively in business.
Change is very much ‘the norm’ for us…… we thrive on supporting businesses as they evolve, assisting with communication, training, mentoring and all round facilitation


Mentoring & Training

Your people are your greatest asset (and often your most expensive!) so ensure you utilise them to their full potential.  This can only reap rewards for you and them – a happy, fulfilled workforce project a positive manner to your customers and the world at large.
We help you identify the strengths (and weaknesses) in your teams enabling you and them to release their full potential.  We can help you strengthen your teams enabling them to become more proactive, forward thinking and world class.


Business Modelling/Forecasting

In order to reach your goals, you need to set targets.  What/If analysis allows you to project your sales & profits based on different levels of performance/sales .
Have you ever asked yourself what would happen if you bought that ‘state of the art’ piece of kit which you have only ever dreamed of – how much more efficient could you be?  How much more product could you produce?  How much more money can you make?…  We can help you review different scenarios to enable you to make those critical business decisions such as, ‘should we invest in a new machine’ or  ‘should we recruit another member of staff’ .


Management Information

We often find that businesses produce Management Information because their bank asks them for it as opposed to using it as a vital decision making tool.
We can help you develop your management information, including Profit & Loss account, Balance Sheet and Cashflow reports.  These standard reports will give you, the management of the business, the information you need to manage your business in the most efficient and effective way.  Further reporting can be tailored to your needs.


Business Review/Profitability Analysis

Working on your strategy is key to ensuring that you stay focussed & ahead of the competition.  We can help you review your business identifying what is working and what is not, performing what if analysis

Process Improvement

  • Do you work in the way you have always worked?
  • Are you burdened with cumbersome processes & procedures?
  • Do you understand why you carry out all the tasks you do – is it habit or necessary?
  • Are you up to date with technology?  Could there be something out there that can help minimise your administration?

Having worked in many businesses, we have a wealth of experience to bring to you to help you review your current processes to enable you to become more efficient.  Time is money and we often find that by reviewing your systems and procedures we can help your teams become more efficient with their time.  This enables them to use their time more efficiently to add value to the business as opposed to spending time carrying out un-necessary tasks.


We can also provide your business with Book-keeping and Payroll services, please click here for further details