I already have an Accountant.  I don’t want to upset them….

There are times when your accountant may recommend more  intensive support for your business where they may have capacity constraints, so are unable to provide themselves.  We work alongside a number of Accountancy practices in a cohesive manner to ensure that you reach your business goals in the most efficient and cost effective manner.  In addition, your Accountant will still need to continue producing your statutory accounts and tax returns


Can you help me with my tax repayments?

If you are having problems meeting your repayments to HMRC, either PAYE, VAT or Corporation Tax we can help you discuss your position with HMRC and help you negotiate an achievable repayment plan which fits with your cashflow demands whilst satisfying your debt in a mutually beneficial way to you and HMRC


My Bank Manager is asking me for financial information and I don’t know what to give him…

We work with Banks daily to help our clients produce management information which is relevant and timely.  This includes management accounts, either monthly or quarterly and can also include forecasts for future periods which is often something which is requested when businesses are asking for overdraft facilities or loans.


What happens if I need your help outside the agreed days you work with my business?

We are always at the end of a phone!  Generally speaking we can reorganise plans to accommodate any additional requirements you may have outside normal agreed plans


In the long term I may need someone full time, what happens then?

The nature of what we do means that we help you, your staff and your business as a whole become more efficient.  This means working with your staff and, for example, identifying tasks which they may be able to fulfil as opposed to us.

We want to help you grow your business which inevitably means that you may need to recruit someone full time in the long term.  Because we are involved in your business & understand the requirements of the Finance function, this enables us to help you source those full time staff members when the time is right.  We can then take a step back from your business, if that is your wish, enabling you to bring any tasks ‘in house’ at a time that is right for you.  You may want us to get involved in further developments at this stage, or you may just wish that we are on hand at a later date when the business requires further support.


What commitment do I need to give you?

As in the previous point, there is no need for long term commitment.  We can dip in and out of your business as required.  This may be for a specific project, such as Managing a Finance System Implementation, or providing you with Forecast/Projections for your Bank Manager to enable them to seek funding for a specific project or business growth.  You let us know what you need from us and we will give you a steer as to how much time we believe you need from us.  Remember, our aim is to help grow & develop your business, so if you believe that we can support one of your own employed team, then alternatively we can do that.


What impact have you had on other businesses?

“I was introduced to Kate at a point when my business was under pressure from our bank who were requiring detailed management information and forecasts at a point when we needed to raise our overdraft facility to assist in the growth of the business.  Up to that point, as is the case with many businesses, I had been so  wrapped up in selling, marketing & developing our product that the financials sometimes took a back seat and I left our Accountant to prepare the Management Accounts for us.

Kate took control of the financials for me almost immediately and in no time had a good understanding of our business & where we needed to focus our attention – not only to keep our bank happy, but also to help me in the management and cost control of the business.  Kate’s ability to hit the ground running meant that I could concentrate my attentions on what I’m good at whilst knowing that Kate had the financial aspects under control.  Her positive, no nonsense manner kept us on the straight and narrow when the days were long.  I would recommend Kate to any business needing support, not only in relation to financials, but also general all round business support/guidance.”
Julie Price, Managing Director, Essensual Lingerie

Working with Kate has been a pleasure,  Kate is professional, efficient and very supportive.  Her work was delivered on time and to a high standard.
Etta Cohen,  Managing Director, Forward Ladies

We contacted Kate at an extremely hectic time in our business growth when we required assistance with a project with very short lead times.  Kate was able to provide us with both her own time and some bookkeeping resource to achieve the results we needed to continue our business growth.  Not only was Kate and her team able to hit the ground running, having experience in our sector, but she was able to meet our extremely tight deadlines, whilst delivering a thorough and quality service.  Since the initial project Kate has been an invaluable resource to us and has been able to provide us with advice and support in a number of areas.  This has included introducing new working practices, a monthly review of performance and helping us recruit our own first ‘in house’ finance person.  Director, Legal Services